Air Cooled Screw Chiller Unitary Series


Midea air cooled screw chillers are designed to meet current and future requirements in terms of reliability, energy efficiency and intelligent control. The stable and reliable operation of this unit is a result of our advanced screw compressor: Twin-rotor screw compressors with a variable capacity valve are ideally matched to coolers and condensers optimally configured for superior heat transfer and unit efficiency. The chillers use R134a refrigerant which has no ozone depletion potential and no phase-out date. Available options provide the flexibility to meet a variety of project configurations. These 380 to 1420kW chillers are wildly applied in school, hospital, shopping mall, office as well as the factory and manufacturing processing area.

Product Description


Environmental Responsibility

  • A more efficient chiller means less electricity generation, which reduces greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.
  • R134a friendly refrigerant has no ozone depletion potential.
  • Helps You Achieve LEED® Certification.
  • Less refrigerant charge.
  • High efficiency.

Operating Cost Savings

Better IPLV:

  • Follows AHRI 550/590 calculation that notes the 99% of operating hours are not at full load.  The COP was design to the best on the 50% ~ 75% part load conditions. Larger ΔT of cooler reducing HVAC system running cost.

Lowest total cost of ownership

  • Reliability low risk of uncomfortable downtime.
  • The best parts, Bitzer Comp. & Danfoss EXV, Shneider Electric.
  • World-class testing facilities; each unit was extensively tested to verify that their operation is robust and that a smooth start-up is ensured.
  • Serviceability low maintenance costs.

Be quiet, the best in the neighborhood

  • The larger dimension impeller working at a lower speed, reduces noise.
  • The lower the ambient temperature, the lower fan air flow, the lower the noise.