Midea Mini Chillers


Midea DC Inverter Air-cooled Mini Chiller has unitary structure design and hydraulic module is built in the outdoor unit. It is air-cooled water heat pump chiller so there is no need of cooling water tower at the condensing side. DC inverter Mini chillers’ cooling capacity range is from 5kW to 18kW and it can freely combine with fan coil units and floor heating. These units are designed for residential applications or light commercial applications that require cold or hot water.

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Product Description

Wide Application Range
Nine models with cooling capacities from 5kW to 18kW and heating capacities from 5.5kW to 18.5kW. Multiple power supply options. Freely combine with fan coil units and floor coils. Home owners may choose the best types according to their design taste (for interior) or functional needs.

Easy installation
Compact structure design and leak-tight refrigerant circuit save you much installation labor. The chillers are equipped with a hydronic module integrated into the unit chassis, limiting the installation to straight-forward operations like connection of the power supply, the water supply and the air distribution FCUs. The units are equipped with axial fans so they can be installed directly outdoors.