Water-Cooled Flooded Type Screw Chiller


Flooded type adopts flooded type evaporator, shell-and-tube condenser and high efficiency compressor. Optimized system design and enhanced heat exchange efficiency make the unit working best under both full load and partial load. Every chiller is fully factory tested and gas charged in the factory before dispatch. It uses R134a environmental refrigerant. Owns three stages oil separation and dual compressors from 1080kw to 1780kW, single compressor are from 340kW to 890kW. Stepless capacities adjustment can be customized.


Product Description


  • High Efficiency (Flood evaporator)
  • High efficiency inner grooved copper pipe enhances the heat-exchange process, improves heat exchange efficiency.
  • Significantly improves the evaporating temperature and reduces heat transferring temperature difference.
  •  Supreme efficiency in partial load.
  • Advanced twin-rotor screw compressor
  • High efficiency heat exchange technology
  • High efficiency shell and tube heat exchanger, 2 path, straight water pipe, easy to clean. End cover can be exchanged to meet customer’s requirement for condenser.
  • User-friendly operating interface (IMAGE-WCS3.4)
    Complete and safe control system: The unit designed with multiple security measures ensure the safe and reliable running. The sensors related to control and other assemblies are equipped by factory and strictly tested.
  • Touchable screen display, Color coded, easy for operation.
  • Three status indicators on the screen which include power, status and communication
  • Intelligent control
  • By monitoring all the parameters, the intelligent control logic decides the best load adjustment method, it optimizes the EXV and the capacity slider to guarantee the safe operation in various load conditions.

The conventional BMS system only focuses on the interlock control, operation status and parameter monitor, which is capable to achieve automation and energy management, Midea centralized energy management system attaches importance on building load prediction and control, and coordinates the operation of air-conditioner, fan and water pumps to realize the optimum energy management.
System control functions:

  • Pragmatic control modes
  • Equalized operation time
  • Optimum operation schedule
  • System data report
  • Strategies to address problems
  • Remote communication function