septiembre 23, 2016

Oldach Associates, Representante Exclusivo de Midea Brand

Recently, Oldach Associates LLC reaffirmed its leadership as a provider of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions in the local market with the official launch of the Midea product line. An activity was held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, where current and prospective customers from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean region, including Colombia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados, were in attendance to view the new lineup of Midea brand products.


Giancarlo Brito, CEO; Félix Campos, president

“Oldach is presenting the Midea brand as a complete product lineup, backed by a qualified sales staff with vast experience in the HVAC field. The combination of experience and brand prestige places Oldach in an excellent position to develop the export side of its business,” said Giancarlo Brito, CEO of Oldach Puerto Rico.

In essence, Oldach wants local consumers to know what the Midea brand represents within the air-conditioner market, which is a world-renowned brand. The fact that Midea manufactures seven out of every 10 units sold in the market today is a world-class accomplishment, he noted. Oldach expects that the exclusive presentation of Midea products will bring the recognition of the brand to the local market and communicate how these products in their respective categories can strengthen businesses in terms of functions, as well as accessibility.

To achieve an effective entry into the market, Oldach studied Midea products based on the needs and preferences of the local consumer to be able to offer its direct clients effective product solutions and a solid support program of parts and services, a very important factor to take into consideration at the moment of investing in residential, commercial and industrial products. Oldach understands that, because of the weak state of the local economy, consumers are looking for products that can provide better efficiency and be more cost-effective.

The Midea Commitment

The commitment of Midea to the Oldach relationship was established by Francis Wu, representative of Midea Group for the Caribbean region. Francis presented Midea’s new inverter technologies within the residential and light commercial product lineup and he was followed by formal presentations from Oldach’s team leaders in the engineering department, who explained the commercial and industrial segment of the lineup.

Having the right air-conditioning equipment can be a determining factor in a business, Brito said, adding that “Midea is an excellent offering that further sustains Oldach as an HVAC supplier of efficient, top-quality solutions. Add to that Oldach’s top-of-the-line, after-the-sales service, with an experienced and knowledgeable engineering department and you have an unbeatable combination.” At Oldach, client service is essential, because air-conditioning systems represent an important investment for any business. As a result, Oldach is eager to provide solid service in terms of parts and maintenance, as well as other considerations.

More than 60 years of service

Operating in Puerto Rico for more than 60 years, Oldach’s corporate headquarters are located in the San Juan-metro area in Las Palmas Industrial Park in Cataño. The company’s infrastructure consists of 12,000 square feet of office space and showroom area of 100,000 square feet, distributed in 11 buildings strategically located in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. All operations are fully computerized and focused on the marketing and selling of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration-related products, equipment and accessories.

The company was established by John Oldach in 1955 as a manufacturer’s representative and purchased by Giancarlo Brito in 1987 and is still owned and operated today by Brito and his partner, Felix Campos. Both are graduate engineers with vast experience in residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration, industrial cooling, ventilation, water treatment and air and water filtration.

Oldach’s Commercial & Industrial Group is responsible for the sales and marketing of engineered products, covering the heavy commercial and industrial marketplace, working with third-party customers, such as design consulting engineers and contractors, as well as direct customers, including heavy commercial and industrial end users. Its customer profile consists of mechanical contractors, heavy commercial end users, such as office buildings, hotels, banks, shopping malls and industrial customers, including pharmaceutical and healthcare-related companies, food manufacturing plants and electronic component manufacturers. This group relies on the services of eight engineers and technical services staff.

Likewise, Oldach’s Residential & Light Commercial Group registered a 10% yearly growth since 2001, mostly accomplished through nine wholesale stores and spare parts warehouses, which provide products to small and midsize air conditioning and refrigeration contractors. This group is directed by Félix Campos and Arnaldo San Miguel, promoting inventoried items in the light-commercial and residential marketplace with a force of more than 70 employees. Over 1,000 product lines are maintained and prominent brands such as Fujitsu, Panasonic, Armstrong, Comfort Breeze, Allied, Danfoss and Russell are sold through local stores in Puerto Rico in the towns of Arecibo, Bayamón, Caguas, Cataño, Ponce, San Juan, and Mayagüez, as well as on the island of St. Thomas.

Type of business: HVAC distribution services

Name of business: Oldach Associates LLP

Year founded: 1955

Top executive: Giancarlo Brito, president & CEO

Headquarters: Las Palmas Industrial Park, Cataño

Number of employees: Puerto Rico 106; Global 115


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