VC Pro Series

Product Description

Midea VRF VC Pro Series... ultra cooling for hot regions.

Challenge the Impossible, Midea VC Pro Series VRF is here to excel in the extremes.

High Efficiency

  • Powerful and efficient with the cutting-edge technology of DC Twin-Rotary compressor which ensures precise temperature regulation and highly efficient energy usage.

Wide Application Range

  • For single unit, the footprint is small and maximum capacity is up to 30HP. For combined units, maximum three 30HP units can be combined with capacity up to 90HP.
  • The VC Pro VRF can operate stably in a wide ambient temperature range: from -5oC to 55oC in cooling mode.
  • Long piping capability

High Reliability

  • Designed multi channels liquid cooling system for PCB and double U-shape refrigerant pipe can decrease the IPM temperature and enhance the rentability.
  • The temperature and pressure of refrigerant can be real-time monitored by the outdoor unit.

Enhanced Comfort

  • VC Pro outdoor unit uses multiple and high precision EXVs to create comfortable indoor environment. Temperature setting can be adjusted in 0.5°C step.
  • Silent technology.

Easy Installation and Service

  • Save up to 30% space in the same capacity.